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1. Horses that place 1st -8th qualify for the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show®.


2. The Grand Champion Stallion, Gelding, and Mare receive the distinctive AMHA In-Hand Championship Plaque.


3. English Pleasure Champion, Western Pleasure Champion, Hunter Pleasure Champion, Classic Pleasure Champion, Pleasure Driving Champion, Classic Pleasure Driving Champion, Park Saddle Champion, and Park Harness Champion receive distinctive AMHA Championship Plaques.







1. Application for Regional Show status must be submitted on the official AMHA form by October 25th prior to the year the show is to be held. If no applications are received from any show in a region prior to the October 25th deadline, no show will be given recognized status for that region.

2. A prize list and program from the most recent show must be submitted with the application.

3. A standard AMHA advertisement must be included in the show program, crediting AMHA’s contributions to the show.

4. Medal classes must be applied for on the official AMHA form, which is enclosed.

5. When more than one show in a region applies for Regional Show status and meets all requirements, the new applicant(s) must have had 5% more Morgan horses showing (not entered) for two consecutive years.

6. The show must be held for a minimum of three calendar days.

7. The show must be an USEF approved show and exhibitors fulfill USEF requirements.

8. Open classes for non-Morgan horses may be held. AMHA Regional Championship Horse Shows may be multi-breed shows.

9. A USEF/AMHA Rules Forum must be held with the time and place included in the prize list, program, and schedule.




A. In-Hand division championship classes for Stallions, Mares, and Geldings must be offered, with all ages combined for each division. A grand championship to follow. Show may offer a more enhanced In-Hand division if entries warrant.

B. Qualifying and championship classes in English Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure, Classic Pleasure, Pleasure Driving, Classic Pleasure Driving, Park Saddle, Park Harness, and Western Pleasure.

C. Classes designated as Open (by sex, over/under, limit, novice, and maiden), Junior Horse, Amateur, Ladies and Junior Exhibitor in each of the following categories: English Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure, Pleasure Driving. Classes which do not require qualification for the Grand National do not need to be offered.


D. Park Harness and Park Saddle requires only one qualifying class plus a championship. All ages/divisions can be combined. 


E. Classic Pleasure Saddle, Classic Pleasure Driving, and Pleasure Driving requires the offering of one open class. Show may offer a more enhanced division if entries warrant.


F. Equitation classes.


G. Three of six AMHA Medal Classes: Saddle Seat, Western Seat, Reining Seat, Hunt Seat on the Flat, Hunt Seat Over Fences, and Dressage Seat.



A. All classes must be tied through 8th place.

B. Tricolor championship ribbons must be awarded

C. The AMHA Championship Award must be presented at the same time as the Championship ribbons.




A. Inclusion of a statement that horses must be made available for inspection by an official designated by AMHA.


B. USEF/AMHA Rules Forum time and place must be included in the schedule.


C. Classes may not be designated as “World,” “International,” or “National.”


D. Inclusion of the AMHA membership form.


E. Program and Prize List must include the AMHA membership form and the AMHA Stallion Service Auction ad


13. The list of exhibitors and class results must be mailed within 10 days of the closing of the show to the AMHA office. A complete list of owner names and addresses must be included.


14. AMHA life, Standard, Premium, youth and youth life members are eligible to participate in all Regional classes. An AMHA Associate member or non-member of AMHA may participate as a rider, driver, handler, owner, lessee, agent, or trainer at a Regional Show upon payment of the established AMHA non-member fee. Participants in the following classes are exempt from the requirements of this rule: leadline, walk/trot, races, exhibitions and others designated as exempt by USEF. The show retains $5 of the fee. 


15. Entry blanks must request current AMHA number, or collect the non-member fee of each exhibitor, owner, trainer, agent, and lessee at the show.


16.Each show must send the AMHA Judges Education Program fee of $2 per horse to AMHA.


17. Show office must be open at least 24 hours before the first class.


18. Any person or entity with a debt outstanding for more than 90 days to AMHA, or an AMHA Regional Show or the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show® is deemed "suspended" from doing business with any of those organizations. Such person or entity deemed "suspended" may be precluded from any further business transactions with AMHA, including with its Registry, and may be precluded from participating as an exhibitor, trainer, owner, coach or otherwise in any Regional Show or the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show®. This policy does not replace or negate any suspension policy enforced by USEF, and those debts must be resolved directly with USEF.