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September 7th   NEMHS Committee Meeting   ~ contact Carolyn Sebring or Selina Cloutier

November 7 -10 ~ Equine Affair       Equine Affaire web site   

November 17th   NEMHA Board of Directors Meeting    ~ contact any BOD member

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Box Seat By Laws

These Box Seat Buy laws were put together by the 2018 NEMHS        committee to help exhibitors better understand the way Box Seats are handled.

  • Box Seats are assigned by the show manager
  • Box Seat will have 6 chairs provided by the horse show
  • Box Seats must be paid $600.00 by June 1 or verbal commitment with the show secretary. After that date the show has the right to resell said box.
  • The Box Seat owner can contact the show to sub lease their box for the present year
  • Box Seat owners have only a one year absence, the second year absence will result in new ownership from the waiting list
  • New Boxes will be reassigned in the order that names were placed on the waiting list
  • The show manager will let you know if the box is a one year sub lease or if this is a permanent New Box Ownership
  • All Box Seat records will be kept by the show manager and copied to the show secretary

Box Seat / Camper / Golf Cart Early Bird Special PDF form