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All members are invited to attend BOD and Committee meetings 
 ~ contact any BOD member for details ~

                         November 7 -10 ~ Equine Affair   October 27th ~ Show Committee Meeting 
                                                Equine Affaire web site   
 Nov 17th   NEMHA Board of Directors Meeting   
   Please consider being an ambassador on  "Morgan Row"           


The New England Morgan Horse Association is once again participating in the Massachusetts Equine Affaire to promote the Morgan horse to the large audience of horse lovers who attend the yearly event.

This year’s dates are Thursday, November 7th through Sunday, November 10th in West Springfield, Massachusetts, at the Eastern States Exposition grounds.  Equine Affaire features hundreds of educational opportunities, a huge trade show, and nightly performances of the equine variety show, Fantasia.

NE Morgans and their people participate in several demonstrations as well as welcoming visitors to “Morgan Row”.

Please consider helping us as ambassadors of our breed to future members of our community

Morgan venues include “Morgan Row” in the Horse Exhibit Building located in Barn C and the Morgan Marketplace, Hospitality Booth, Youth Activities Booth, Breed Stall, and Breed Demonstration Ring, all located in the Breed Pavilion in Stroh Building.

Morgan Demonstrations:

Daily – Morgan Row in Barn C – 9:00 – 7:00 

Friday – Mallary – 1:45 

Saturday – Coliseum – 2:30 

Saturday – Barn C Covered Ring – Ride A Morgan – 3:15 – 4:45 

Saturday – Equine Fundamentals Ring in Mallary – 5:45

Join NEMHA Here!

  Welcome to the New England Morgan Horse Association!  

With your membership comes an opportunity to join hundreds of other Morgan owners and lovers in the New England region and throughout the country in celebrating the versatility of the great Morgan horse.



Morgan activity is thriving throughout the New England region and as a member of the NEMHA you are guaranteed many opportunities to enjoy a variety of Morgan horse activities as well as the camaraderie of Morgan enthusiasts.  As an organization, we represent Morgan versatility at its very best.  Our owners use their Morgans for pleasure and trail riding and driving; carriage competition from local to international events; dressage events; horse showing from local to national events; competitive trail riding; reining; and as treasured back yard pals.  Whether they own one or many Morgans, our members always enjoy sharing their Morgan experiences with their NEMHA friends.  Our membership includes officers in other state and national Morgan organizations, long time Morgan professionals, renowned Morgan breeders, instructors whose lesson programs showcase Morgan horses, and the many people who own Morgans  just for the fun! 

2019 June Newsletter





The winners for each breeding are:

Astronomicallee: Matthias Wengerd of Middlebury, IN

Bazinga: Margaret Pesce of New Castle, NH

Cedar CreekHarlequin: Gloria James of Maple Valley, WA

DBA Street Talk: Adrian Helmuth of Sugar Creek, OH

Dragonsmeade Axios: Emery Mast of Millersburg, OH

Dragonsmeade Spectre: Dan D. Yoder of Glasgow, KY

Dressed Up GCH: Eli & Rebecca Lapp of Gordonsville, PA

Futurity French Command: Catherine Maloney of Coventry, RI

Get Busy: David Helmuth of Seymour, IA

Graycliff Tony GCH: William Haines, Ledyard Company LLC of New York, NY

HVK Bell Flaire: Joe Zehr of Goshen, IN

Liquid Assets: Joe Erb of Sugar Creek, OH

Minion Millennium: Katie Hodges of Woburn, MA

No Contest GCH: John Suprenant of Pelham, NH

Stand And Deliver GCH: Dennis Yoder of Millersburg, IN

Stonecroft Masquerade: PRFW Morgans of Kent, OH

Town Assets: Joe Zehr of Goshen, IN

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all who aided in the success of the program to support Morgan breeding!


The ticket sales will support a 2 Year Old Park Harness class at the New England Regional Morgan Horse Show in July with prize money being paid through eight places.


To learn more, visit or reach out to committee members: Jenny Taylor, Peggy Alderman, Lynn Peeples, Steven Handy, Amanda Hill or John Lampropolous. If you would like to rescind your ticket purchase due to the date change, please reach out to Steven Handy at 508.944.0787.


        NEMHA Scholarship Deadline May 31, 2019
                      *Amounts vary from year to year*
1. You must be a current member of New England Morgan Horse Association. 
2. You must be actively involved with Morgan Horses.  
3. You must be attending school or an apprentice program in the fall.  
4. Please submit an essay showing your commitment to and passion for the Morgan Horse. 
5. Please complete the application and provide two letters of reference. One which must be from a member of the New England Morgan Horse Association.
6. If selected, proof of acceptance to or attendance at a college or Apprentice  Program before the scholarship money is given. 
7. You may only win this award once.

Scholarship Winner will be announced and presented at the New England Morgan Horse Show during the Youth Contest Awards Banquet!


                               Please mail to: Maura Sweeney-Reeve

                                         80 Cherry St.

                                            Middleboro, Ma. 02346